An Introduction To Casual Dating

An Introduction To Casual Dating

Casual dating is sexual activity that takes place outside of a committed relationship. It is similar to a one-night stand, except it starts online, which enables the parties involved to get to know who they are hooking up with. 

The opportunity to discuss sexual likes, dislikes, and boundaries before meeting up is the key difference between a one-night stand and casual dating. Casual dating is a more informed experience. It is less of a gamble meeting up for sex in this way, because you know what you are getting in for before you meet. 

It is often said that with casual dating, there is an absence of emotional attachment between the parties involved, but that is too robotic a description. After all, we are humans, not robots. So there is feeling behind these encounters. The difference is, there is no expectation to meet up again. Casual dating is sex without the baggage. You basically get to have sex without calling again. 

Ages and participants

Casual dating does not discriminate by age, although it’s mostly enjoyed by younger people between the ages of 18 and 30. This is a sign of the times, with our modern world being more open and accepting of casual sex than ever. 

Casual dating is also popular with people who are recently divorced or single, andeven some married couples enjoy casual dating with other people. The fact is, sex isnormal, and people will always be doing it for fun. 

You’ll find this type of dating is common among students, althoughmuch of the older generation is accepting of it too. In fact, you’d be surprised by how many over 50s enjoy the perks of casual sex — particularly after a divorce. 

Something else casual dating doesn’t discriminate against is gender, sex, sexual orientation and physical appearance. Everyone has their own taste so there is quite literally someone for everyone in the world of casual dating. 

If you want to get started with it, the best places to be are dedicated casual dating platforms. These are best because everyone on them is there for the same thing. You’ll be in good company. Regular dating sites aren’t niche enough.

Here is an excellent casual dating explainer


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