Monogamy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Monogamy: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


In today’s’ world we cannot even imagine not to have an ability to be legally separated and legally divorced. Open homosexuality has become a normal part of every-day life, and a gay marriage is now legalized in several states of the United States.

What has changed? New technologies, computers, cell phones, and internet simply turned the world upside down. Society has accepted new concepts of music, abstract views in painting, and new relationships between people. View on connection between love and sexuality is completely different concept today. During adult life, both men and women experience and accept the fact that it is possible to have partnerships with various people, and have real feelings toward more than one person. One of these natural events is life expectancy that has increased so much making it almost impossible to spend a whole life with one person and to love only that one person your entire life. The reality and ability of having several partners at the same time is becoming more and more evident. Advance of medicine, prevention of diseases, existence of birth control made an ability of having multiple partners a reality. Finally, we have to recognize that it is human, and it is normal to love different people at the same time.

Even though we accept the fact that the world has changed, we still have an illusion that somehow morals and aesthetics are immune from evolution. Monogamy and marriage, which is a concept developed by society to protect itself, has to change as it simply will not survive. This idea has always been accepted and honored as ideal but in reality has never been realistic.

Will society move to polygamy? Probably not as in this situation the main social protection will vanish. Instead, we will probably move to a radically new conception of relationships. Government cannot forbid a person from falling in love, and it has no ability to prevent it from happening with more than one person at the same time. A main goal of modern society is protection of monogamy and institution of marriage as a main source of social and economic stability.

But these principles are changing in the face of powerful new drift. The unquenchable demand for change, fueled by technical revolution, and a new level of democracy is placing the private lives of people under great pressure. Higher level of personal freedom will eventually change sexual pattern of society despite its’ desire to stop it. is the Premiere Discreet Married Dating site helps married people to connect, communicate on-line, and move to the next step if they decide to do so.

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