What are the sex positions you should try if you experience pain during sex?

What are the sex positions you should try if you experience pain during sex?

Experiencing pain while having sex is one of the common problems faced by most of the women. This condition is known as dyspareunia and this condition can get triggered by various psychological and physical factors which include- Skin injury, vaginal infection, vaginal dryness, and inflammation and urinal problems.  The psychological conditions include stress and depression. Apart from these conditions, there are other myriad of reasons for dyspareunia so if you are experiencing the slightest of pain, then you should consult a gynecologist. Because of this painful condition, you may not even want to have intercourse with your partner. You may feel bad about your sex life; however you can try out few sex positions which will eradicate this discomfort while getting intimate. The positions mentioned below shouldn’t interfere with your conjugal life.

  • Women on Top– Just like the name suggest, the female partner is the queen of the show in this and she is the one who will be responsible for the actions. This pose is absolutely perfect for those who experience painful sex because the female partner remains at the top of the male and she can decide how much depth and pace she wants to use to have a comfortable sex. When the female is in command she can take charge of all and to enhance your sex in this pose, you can ask your partner to lean towards you.
  • Spooning– Though it is one of the boring poses of sex, it is one of the safest option for those having dyspareunia. In this your male partner will get intimate with you from behind and you have to lie on the bed with one side of your body. This position basically controls the penis to go very deep inside thus giving an easing effect. The pose is very much flexible because you can adjust your legs according to the pain that you feel.
  • Missionary- This position is for those who are having libido problems due to back pain. This is one of the traditional and oldest sex positions where the female is allowed to lay down with its back being supported by a pillow or cushion. You will just have to relax yourself on the bed and your partner will take control of you. You just do not need to worry about your back pain. Another good way to enhance this pose is by adding a cushion under your hips to elevate your waist level and grabbing him with your knees. This will enhance your comfort thus minimizing any kind of pain and discomfort and also it will allow you enjoy a steamy sex session. 
  • Standing- If you get very sharp pains while intercourse then you have to avoid any kind of penetrative activities. There are other non-penetrative positions that you can try out and still enjoy a steamy session with your partner. One such example is the standing pose. Some of the other poses include cuddling and kissing your partner. If your problem of dyspareunia is because of psychological factors then this pose will make you feel good and content about yourself. 
  • Doggy Style- If the bottom of your vagina feels more pain while sex, then you can engage in anal toys. You need to sit with your knees and arms folded and allow your partner to penetrate you from the back side. This pose will give a downward thrust to diminish the pain on the bottom area. 

These are the positions that you can try out with your partner to enjoy your sex life. Also you should research on the net to find out if you are going the right way.

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