Your guide on the best tips for a successful online date 

Your guide on the best tips for a successful online date 

Today, people easily turn to the Internet in search of love and partnership. But is it possible to find true love in the Jewish dating sites or virtual world in general? How to learn to build deep contacts with new people? Let’s check the post below. 

How to meet on the Internet?

The Internet gives us access to different people from all over the world. Online dating provides an opportunity to meet people we would be unlikely to meet on the next street. And each of us knows many stories of when people got together precisely thanks to dating apps or sites – that is, real emotions and high-quality contact develop in the virtual space.

As it turns out, men and women are interested in potential partners who are, on average, about 25% more popular than themselves. Your “popularity” depends not only on the number of messages you receive but also on the authors of those messages.

According to the research, if you are messaged by people who themselves receive a lot of messages, this makes you more popular. Interactions and observing the behavior of partners can give you important information. Observe how each of them treats you and other people, how they resolve conflicts, or show mutual understanding and support.

Top tips for a cool date:

Among the best tips for a cool date after communicating at are the following:

  1. Send a lot of messages – persistence is rewarded.
  2. Set the bar high – choosing too cool can be a winning strategy.
  3. Write succinctly – a long, insightful message may simply not be read.
  4. Be patient – perhaps the partner of your dreams is just evaluating the possibilities.

When women approach men first, they receive an answer 50% of the time. When men targeted women who had a higher rating than themselves, they received a response 21% of the time. It may not be much, but according to the research, users of dating sites were wise to take the risk.

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