Read This Post Before You Date an Asian Girl

Read This Post Before You Date an Asian Girl

Are you interested to find your dream girl from AsianDate online? Just hold on. Before you meet any girl, just know what the common wishes of most Asian girls are.

Here is a list of expectations of any common Asian girl and if that is acceptable to you then go ahead! Best of luck!

  1. I will force you to take off your shoes while you visit my house.
  2. I prefer to use chopsticks in some new and interesting ways.
  3. Don’t assume that I know how to easily speak my own native language.
  4. But most likely I do know how to speak a few languages other than English.
  5. I would expect you to pick up some of the words of the said language in case you do not know it already.
  6. Before it was fashionable for parents to do so, my parents scripted every moment of my existence.
  7. I am proficient in playing an instrument.
  8. No matter who is with me, I always go for the check first when eating out.
  9. You will be immediately rejected as a suitor by my parents.
  10. Eat the food that my folks prepared for you.
  11. Actually, when you are with me, just be prepared to eat everything.
  12. You should sip the tea, please.
  13. My hair is dark.
  14. My body hair is not very thick.
  15. I am strangely fascinated by gross stuff.
  16. I am used to hearing my name mispronounced and spelled incorrectly.
  17. My mother and other family members were very critical of how I looked.
  18. My sense of humor is cheesy.
  19. Sometimes I can be a little dramatic.
  20. I object to being fetishized.
  21. I have a superstition regarding my health.

Do you find all these statements from a girl too exciting? If yes then go ahead and choose your girl for an AsianDate.

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