Top coolest facts about sex dolls

Top coolest facts about sex dolls

A realistic sex doll can provide companionship, arouse your sexual stimulations and enables you to explore all your wild fantasies and imaginations. They are both convenient and portable. But there are many people who are unaware of what a sex doll is. They have been influencing throughout by technology, art and culture. There are various unknown facts about these dolls. Some of them are as follows:

  • There are number of movies featuring these love dolls- One of the coolest facts about these dolls is that there are various movies featuring these sex dolls. You must have watched the movie The Real Girl starring Ryan Gosling. There are also several other movies like Shooting Fish, Cherry 2000, Monique etc. You can also consider Mannequin as well because the sexual tension in that movie was amazing. If you wish to watch movies where these sex dolls have been brought to limelight, then you should try out Lars and the real girl.
  • Sex dolls are not something new in the market- Sex dolls have been in the market for a very long time. Yes it is true that these dolls have been innovated and new technological advances have been use to make realistic dolls like WM doll. During the 1600s, Dutch mariners would develop cowhide ‘masturbation manikins’. These products were exported to Japan. These sex dolls have been named as Dutch Wives by the Japanese. The origin of these sex dolls has its roots in Germany. In America, sex dolls ended up famous when they started to be publicized in pornography magazines in the late 60’s. A lot of creativity has been introduced in the market after that. The use of AL tech has given a new life to the sex doll market. The silicone and TPE dolls are exceptionally reasonable and practical when contrasted with these inflatable or modest vinyl models.
  • Dolls are not just a guy thing – Now this point is absolutely true! Majority of the sex doll buyers are male customers. That doesn’t mean the client base isn’t different. But now things are changing! Women are also coming out of their comfort zones and exploring their sex life to the fullest! Male dolls are found for both men and women. Though the male clients are huge, the numbers of female clients are not bad!
  • Trend of AI And Robotics – Today, sex doll makers are introducing amazing things in the sex doll market to provide real pleasure to the clients. Because of amazing technological advancements of the doll in and out, you can now get response from a doll. Once you touch her, she can make sounds which are exclusively made with the help of AI and robotics technology. She can also make her vagina wet after having sex with her. With the Al technique, the sex doll industry is now moving forward to make these dolls a perfect companion! With this new technology, your doll can memorize your birthday; can give orgasms on fucking her and what not!

These are some of the recent trends that you will find in the sex doll market. However, if you are looking for YL Doll, you can check out some of the best websites available online.


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