Which Material to Opt for While Choosing Sex Dolls? A Quick Guide

Which Material to Opt for While Choosing Sex Dolls? A Quick Guide

Sex dolls are feigned toys that are created from soft materials. These dolls resemble real humans, and their main purpose is to fulfill all the erotic needs of people. Some individuals have certain sensual fetishes, which only a sex doll can completely satisfy.

These dolls have been used for countless years to quench all sexual desires. These sex dolls come in both female and male forms, and people can also have them custom-made as per their requirements. They are available in all shapes and sizes and are offered by the best companies.

But when purchasing a sex doll, one of the main things you should check is the material they are made from to get a good quality doll. Here are some of the materials that are used for making sex dolls. They are:

1.   TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer

Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPE is a common material used to make sex dolls. This material is a mixture of plastic and rubber, which creates a software material that is easy to shape and mold. TPE can make sex dolls that will carry a realistic feel and looks

But TPE is said to be porous. In other words, it cannot be 100% sterilized. Even if you are careful and clean the TPE-material dolls a lot more than any average owner, bacteria will still form on the pores of the doll’s skin. Porous materials are also prone to stains when compared with non-porous ones.

This means endless discoloration can also take place on these TPE sex dolls. The blend of materials is another issue in these TPE dolls. It’s because different manufacturers have different proportions to make up the mixture. There are some that also use “secret or special ingredients so that their blend is better than their competitors.

2.   Silicone

When it comes to materials for sex dolls, silicone is the gold standard among all the others. The majority of the dolls available in the market are made from silicone, and dolls made from this material are the most preferred ones. But there is a big reason why silicone-made dolls are so popular these days.

The biggest advantage of silicone sexdoll is that it’s non-porous. This means that bacteria or dirt will not get the chance to penetrate right into your doll’s skin. But if something “DOES” get inside the pores, it will become difficult to clean them, for which you need to maintain these dolls well.

Furthermore, having non-porous sex dolls will enable you to clean them properly. You can clean the silicone sex dolls after every use as it’s the only way to be sure that the doll is hygienic. But there are not many regulations in the sex doll sector.

On certain occasions, companies will claim that they are offering 100% silicone products when it’s a product that has silicone but mixed with other materials. So, you must double-check your silicone doll right before you purchase them.

3.   Latex and Vinyl

These two materials are grouped because they are common materials used to create blow-up erotic dolls. Although they offer the same type of safety, several differences exist between these materials. Let’s a look at their difference and similarities in detail:

  • Similarities

One of the biggest similarities they have is that both are harder to touch when compared with silicone and TPE. This can lead to irritation and discomfort when people use them. That’s why you have to be careful and make sure to use a good amount of lube on these sex dolls.

The vinyl and latex-made sex dolls have a unique risk, which you will not find in other dolls. This risk is Popping. Yes, that’s true. If you put too much pressure or weight on these blow-up dolls, it will lead to a massive bang. This will not just ruin your excitement and fun, but it’s pretty painful

  • Difference

The difference between the vinyl and latex-made dolls is their strength. The latex-made dolls will retain their shape, but they will tear. On the other hand, vinyl is a lot stronger than latex, but they crease pretty easily.

4.   Fabric

Erotic dolls, made out of cloths and fabrics, are not as popular as silicone and TPE ones. But some people use dolls made out of this particular material. In general, the fabric is one of the safest materials among the others, and it’s because they are pretty to clean.

This is especially true when your sex cushion or doll carries a case, which you can remove easily and then throw into the washing machine. Before you purchase any fabric-made sex doll, make sure to double-check the product.


Even though there are so many materials, it will be much better if you go for sex dolls made from silicone material from BBdoll. You can also opt for TPE, Vinyl, and Latex dolls if you look for something less expensive. Purchasing a doll made from fabric is also great as you can easily wash them with no hassle. But in the end, the choice depends on you and your requirements. So be sure to make a wise decision.

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