Sensual Massage Like You Never Had Before

Sensual Massage Like You Never Had Before

Even if one can have the sudden urge to offer a sensual massage to one’s darling, one must take the time to make some preparations. It is therefore essential that your man has time to be pampered, that it does not have a job imperative to finish for the next day. He must be free so that he can fully relax and make the most of what you will do to him.

If the preparation can be quick to put in place, a massage can last long enough, especially if you decide to complete it by taking care of all areas of his body so that your darling passes a very sweet time. With מונאקו בת ים you can expect the best choices for the sensual massage now.

Finer Balances

You will have to install your man in a comfortable place, it is better that you can turn around. Bed or sofa will be perfect but why not create a more innovative and intimate place? A good mattress on the floor with carpets, blankets. All with candles for a subdued light, incense or a burning perfume to take it to another world in all these senses and of course, soft music that allows it to relax completely in rocking. For the massage to be good, you must manage to take your man away from his daily worries, all these tips for preparation will help you a lot. To be on top, plan a very soft towel that you will heat in the dryer or iron so that your darling can lie on it and enjoy the heat that will emerge.

The Right Preparation

As for your preparation for the massage itself you will have to think about buying massage oil. You will find everywhere at all prices. Prefer a vegetable oil that will be less oily and will not stick. The purpose of the oil is simply to help you slip on your man’s body without slipping on his skin or creating areas of tension. There are scented oils, which can be very pleasant for you as well as for him. Feel free to smell your oil before buying it. Be careful if you decide to use essential oils, sensitive skin must really put a little bit, otherwise it gives a burning sensation. Last thing not to neglect: remember to remove bracelets, rings and necklaces that could hurt him. Similarly for nails, either you decide to be careful not to scratch it accidentally, or you cut them.

Make a massage for his man we take action

Before you start, you need to know if you are going to focus on your whole body or on one part. If you are starting out, it is easier to choose to focus on your back first. This is the part of the body where all the tensions are placed, the one that should not be neglected. You will be able to test and put yourself at ease with the different massage techniques without having to worry about zone-to-zone transitions. Of course, for your massage to be sensual you can, or even have, overflow a little on the hips and buttocks of your man. You can also venture on the arms and hands of your darling. At the end of the massage if you feel comfortable you can ask him to turn around to finish with the neck and the face for a perfect relaxation.

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