How to Be Better in Sex: Satisfying Your Man

How to Be Better in Sex: Satisfying Your Man

Being an amazing partner could be one of the numerous ways that you express passion and love to your significant other.

Moreover, being excellent in bed could also be great for your health! Pleasurable sex means plenty of health benefits for women, such as boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and even enhancing brain function!

If you want to know how to be better in sex, here are a few excellent tips to help increase your sexual enthusiasm and know-how to be great in bed.   

Make the First Move

Many are attracted to lovers who make the first move in bed. When you initiate sex, your partner will see you as a confident woman who gets what she wants, and that’s super sexy. 

Making the first move also tells your partner that you want them, that you’re attracted to them, and that could enhance their libido.

Set the Right Mood

We, humans, are sensitive beings. Many of us cannot perform penetrative sex well without some preparatory action. That is where foreplay comes in! Foreplay is a good way for you, along with your partner, to heighten your senses and excitement and boost your sex drive.

Foreplay could involve any activity that leads to sex:

  • Kissing their mouth or some parts of their body
  • Whispering your desires to your partner
  • Massaging various parts of their body
  • Oral sex
  • Hand jobs or fingering
  • Masturbation could also be considered as foreplay. Similar to some sexual activities, masturbation could boost the mood, increase libido, and make you feel great in your body, resulting in sexual confidence.

There is no right nor wrong way to perform foreplay. Just make sure that whatever you are performing is sexually stimulating and consensual for both of you, do it!      

Try Different Positions

While it’s great to stick with what works, using similar positions each time could become monotonous for both of you and your partner. Try various positions, taking ideas from the Kama Sutra, erotica, or porn.

Exploring various positions could also help both of you in keeping the passion burning if you have been together with your partner for some time.

Make Some Noise

Becoming vocal during sexual intercourse with sighs, moans, grunts, or anything else that comes out of the mouth when getting pleasure could help reaffirm to your lover that you are enjoying what he is doing. Moreover, becoming loud when having sex could help you express yourself and may even heighten the pleasure.        

Let Your Partner See

Regarding sexual confidence, it is nice to be able to put it all out there. Whether it is keeping the lights on when having sex, allowing your partner to see you touch yourself, or allowing them to see all of you could boost their arousal.

It benefits you if you know what is also happening down there. Understand your anatomy by staring at yourself in a mirror or by touching yourself. You may have to glance closer, but your sex organs get engorged with arousal as well!          

Don’t Worry About Your Looks

Knowing how to be confident in bed includes enjoying the moment distraction-free. You might have spent a few moments preparing yourself, but your priority should be on the sensations, not on your appearance when you are in bed.   

Keep Things Spontaneous

If you feel like surprising your partner in bed, suggest that you watch porn together as foreplay or bring up a new sex toy to make the deed even more exciting. Making things spontaneous and fresh is an excellent way to keep sex interesting and fun for you and your partner.

After you feel confident in bed, you might be ready to go outside the comfort zone and try foreplay or sex elsewhere. Perhaps, surprise your partner by wearing nothing but the apron in the kitchen. Or maybe at a restaurant, rub your hand over their crotch under the table. Similar to trying various positions, trying various locations could be exciting, too.    

Take Control in Bed

Maybe the best example of being more sexually confident is to have control during intercourse. As long as you take control in a way that still respects your partner’s needs and desires, go for it!

Being amazing in the bed’s a two-way road. Knowing how to be better in sex involves communicating with your partner and being confident about it. Confidence makes a person good in bed, so apply these tips and do not be shy about it.

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