How to spice up a night

How to spice up a night

We all know that in any relationship, great communication is essential. But who says it’s only important when you fight? I’m talking about the 15-20 minutes of your day that you spend looking into each other’s eyes and just having an open heart to heart talk.

It doesn’t have to be anything deep or meaningful, but my favorite is just hearing about random stuff my boyfriend wants to tell me during the day. He has a very busy work schedule so he won’t call for no reason most of the time, which makes these short conversations even more special. So what I do with him is not put my phone on silent, but “airplane” mode so there are no distractions – no Facebook alerts, text messages, or phone calls.

Oh and of course it’s important to be a good listener. Many times I’ve been guilty of the same thing – but if you’re going to talk on the phone with your boyfriend/girlfriend don’t just do all the talking! You have to give them their turn too so that they feel wanted and valued as well.

And it doesn’t have to be just about him – what is he up to? What does he want for lunch tomorrow? Are there any projects coming up at work that he’d like me to help him with? If you know him well enough, ask questions about what his plans are so you can get excited together about anything new going on in your lives.

But maybe your boyfriend is not so talkative. Well, there are lots of other ways to spice up the conversation! I’m pretty sure you already know about kissing – but what about holding hands? It’s a great way to show how much you care and it really puts me in a good mood all day long.

Or get creative! What does he like? What would make him happy? Try out new things together and learn from each other. Kiss him on his neck or tickle him just because you can or exchange long hugs that last for minutes – anything goes if it’s just the two of you.

Communication may be key, but sometimes surprises can go a long way too. Like a random date night! He might think you’re being too demanding if he already has really busy work schedule, but it doesn’t have to be just any date – surprise him with the way you dress up or treat him to his favorite food for lunch.

And lastly, spending time together is very important – not just at night. Of course it’s nice to take a break after a long hard day and relax on the couch sharing kisses – but there are ways of doing this throughout the day. While I’m sure you guys can think of lots of things yourselves, if your guy isn’t so creative here are some ideas: Take walks during lunch break or after work; Watch TV while cuddling each other on the couch; Schedule dates in advance and short love breaks in between your hectic days.

And if you really want to go all out, you could plan a surprise date night where the two of you can have some time alone or just spend time with each other away from your friends/family.

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